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Entry #11

What's this guys?

2009-01-05 21:52:07 by XxMercsxX

See if any of you can decipher the picture.

2 Hints:

1. It is Japanese

2. Yes of course its got a date at the bottom - I don't need to know that.

I DO know the meaning of this so don't make up random shit :D

Have fun, remember; leave a comment,!!!!!!!!

What's this guys?


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2009-01-12 18:33:22

Stick animation sucks?


2009-01-21 12:23:37

It means horse


2009-06-27 11:06:21

*scanning* mean HOW CHI WEE! EGGWHOLE! hmmm must be some kind of password for an secrect underground city of talking eggrolls? HELL YEAH!