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Making buttons

2008-12-30 01:58:27 by XxMercsxX

Someone has to help me how to make buttons and link them to scenes, etc. Im making a menu for a friends flash and someone has to help me. PLz reveiw or PM me with some links or some help.
Much appreciated!


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2008-12-30 07:02:27

XxMercsxX responds:

ty very much


2009-01-03 07:55:59

lets say you have a main menu, and u want a scene select menu. These will all be on frames, a frame per menu. on your main menu youll make a button symbol and as AS
gotoAndStop(//what ever frame number your secne select menu is)
and another button on your scene select
gotoAndStop(//scene name,//frame number)
hope that helps!

XxMercsxX responds:

yah, i alreeady found out tho :D:D
ty anyway