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Dawn of War is booming!

2008-11-28 04:43:02 by XxMercsxX

God. THQ is really rockin' the socks of the Dawn of War subject and exasperating it to the very last drop of finance. In other words, THQ is using the Dawn of War name and game down to the last drop. I have got all the Dawn of War games from the original to Soulstorm, and I plan to get the new Dawn of War II game when it is released! :)

But I was surfin' the net for FPS (First Person Shooter) Warhammer 40K games, I came across this lovely game!
Make sure to listen to the narrator to further understand the game, saving me having to type my fingers off now.

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Even if you arn't a Warhammer fan, a change right now is GOOOOD!

Dawn of War II is an RTS game about warhammer. Embeded below, is the Dawn of War 2 gameplay footage. Check it out!

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If that didn't make much sense, and RTS is a real time stratedgy game meaning you control armies and build economies. If you hate those kind of strategic games and prefer the more up close and personal games like the first movie 'Space Marine' that's fine. Its only a group of people that like commanding, tactics and stratedgy. If you are not satisfied with the 'action' in Dawn of War II, then the trailer below will help explain more.

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If you are interested in any Dawn of War information, feel free to PM me, and I will inform you further. Goodbye, and I hope you feel intrigued by the grossly depicted game I have shown you. :D
My fingers grow sore, and if you are interested, I will give you a chat later :)
From a very dedicated Warhammer fan, farewell. May the Emporor protect you from the heretics and aliens that infect the Imperium.


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2008-12-18 13:40:32


XxMercsxX responds:

Fucking retard